Basement Waterproofing Concerns

According to The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit Region, the high level of water runoffs and wet conditions in the Northeast Ohio region will be similar to those of 2019,

The above than normal higher temperatures have led to higher levels of water across rivers in Ohio and it is not expected to be any different this year.  

The wet conditions and high level of water make for many unpleasant issues for many homeowners in the region, especially those close to rivers or lakes. Rain precipitation which is expected to be as high as last year will be a problem for many homeowners as well, especially those with basements that have shown to have leaks or other seepage issues for years.

Can I waterproof the basement of my home by myself? 

There are countless videos on or other sites that provide advice and guides on how to waterproof a basement by yourself.  The advice can seem sound and even easy to follow, but we advise you to be wary of the problems you may encounter when you decide to do it on your own.  Water seeping into the basement of your home can come from the outside or the inside of your home,  but a thorough diagnosis should be provided by an expert to accurately find the problem. Even if you believe you can waterproof the basement of your home by yourself, chances are the job you are going to do won’t be enough to stop the problems you currently have.

What is the cost of waterproofing a basement?

The cost of waterproofing a basement in Ohio depends on many things.  Has the seeping water damaged the foundation of the home as well? Has the water done minimal damage or extensive damage to the walls and floor of the basement? Is excavation needed?  Do you need a drainage system installed?

According to, the average cost of waterproofing the basement can be as little as $1,920 to $6,320, or it can be more than $10,000. It all depends on the damage to the basement and most importantly, the company you choose to do the job.

Like in all industries, there are good companies and bad ones that prey on the consumer. You need to do your research before hiring a contractor or a company to do the job, it can potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

What is the best waterproofing system?

There are 2 major waterproofing systems that contractors and waterproofing companies prefer.

  1. Installing an interior drainage system that will take the water from inside the home to the exterior, is one of the most cost-effective solutions for you.
  2. Exterior basement waterproofing can provide the perfect solution for your wet, musty basement for a price.  This method can be expensive for you due to the nature of the work that goes into it. This method can include excavation, sealants and membrane application to the walls that can become expensive pretty quickly.

Regardless of the nature of your waterproofing problems, Pioneer Basement Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the right solution for a fair price.  Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.

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