Basement waterproofing contractor checklist

If you are looking to hire a basement waterproofing contractor you may wonder about how to qualify candidates to stop your basement water leaks.  Many of these are obvious but let’s cover them to be thorough:

Are they licensed to do business in your community?  You would be surprised.  Many basement waterproofing contractors work under the radar avoiding the paperwork and fees associated with performing basement repair.  Call your local building department to check this out.

Do they use subcontractors?  Most do.  This way they can avoid paying payroll taxes, insurances etc…  And if they are using the same subs over and over they are violating the law.  Using subcontractors keeps costs down but also open the door to great risk, leading to…

Can they prove they have Worker’s Compensation insurance?  If they use subs, they are not insuring them.  Most subs do not carry their own worker’s comp. insurance because it is very costly.  So if there is an accident and an injury on the job in your home and there is no insurance, you pay for all the medical care and related damages to that person or persons.

Do they sell the same basement systems to everyone?  A basement waterproofing contractor that owns a franchise will definitely do this and most others do as well.  It makes selling easier and performing the labor easier.  The problem with a one size fits all basement systems approach is that the basement solution offered may not be the best one for you.  For example, if your basement has wet walls, exterior basement waterproofing is likely the best bet.  Many companies will “fix” it on the inside though and your foundation will continue to have dampness in it whether you see it or not.

These are the biggies.  Obviously you should do other homework before hiring a basement waterproofing contractor such as checking the BBB and Angie’s List to name a couple.

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