Basement Waterproofing Systems (Updated)

stock-photo-4258890-interior-abstractWith all the rain we have seen in Northeast Ohio, water seeping into the basement is a fear many homeowners dismay about.  Water that accumulates close to the foundation of your home could eventually find its way to your basement, and become a problem for you.  Finding a prompt solution to your leaky basement can save you lots of headaches and money by taking care of the problem right away. Having a dry, mildew free basement is a goal of many homeowners with older homes, don’t wait too long to take care of a problem that can affect the health of you and your family. Call us for a hassle free consultation.

Absolute Draining amp Plumbing Shares Top 2 Reasons for Basement Waterproofing 

Toronto Canada – Seasonal autumn rains are a few short months away and with precipitation comes the risk for basement flooding. Absolute Draining & Plumbing is the home of Toronto basement waterproofing services and owner Andrew Olexiuk is encouraging home and business owners to waterproof now to preserve foundations and unique architecture.

“Preventative home maintenance such as basement waterproofing helps keep a basement dry comfortable and helps maintain the property for years to come by preventing foundation problems down the road” said Olexiuk.

Homes and commercial structures with basements that feel damp leak or flood are at special risk. As water seeps through the ground from above it filters around foundations on its way into basements. Over time that moisture erodes and cracks foundations and cuts channels into the basement area.

The damage devalues property and can lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs. Depending upon the extent of the damage water seepage and flooding can render structures unusable and prevent future sales. Absolute Draining & Plumbing’s basement waterproofing prevents those problems and preserves the integrity of any building.

Owners have multiple options for preventing the entry of water into their structures that’s appropriate for homes and businesses. One preventative measure is a weeping tile system that directs water into a tile and pipe array. The fluid is dispatched to a sewer or sump pump system allowing it to be drained instead of collecting in basements.

Basement Waterproofing Systems

There are dozens of basement waterproofing companies that sell and install basement waterproofing systems of all different names which can be very confusing. The last thing many of these basement waterproofing companies want you to think is that what they do is simple or common, so they come up with all kinds of patented names and fancy presentations.

The truth is, there are only three places you can get basement water leaks and they are: basement walls, basement floor and the seam where the floor meets the walls.

There are only two types of water that can give you basement water leaks and they are surface water and ground water.

All basement waterproofing systems involve a drain that moves water away from your foundation. These drains are either on the outside or the inside, thus you have:

Waterproofing Basements

Learn how to spot a water problem in your basement, and get tips on how to resolve the issue before it causes serious damage to your home.

“Wet basement” is a phrase that strikes fear into the hearts of most homeowners. More than half of U.S. homes have this problem, according to the American Society of Home Inspectors. The most typical causes are condensation, runoff and groundwater swelling. Solutions depend on the cause of the problem and can range from using a dehumidifier to installing a perimeter drain system. If you notice dampness and a musty odor when you enter your basement, you may be experiencing the first signs and should make it a priority to combat the water before more serious damage occurs to your home.


  • Never ignore a persistent musty smell.
  • Find out the cause of a wet basement before beginning any modifications to your home.
  • Seek professional advice before attempting to combat a groundwater swelling problem.
  • Check with your local municipality for information about changes in the water table.


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