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Around Ohio, there are many older homes which, over time, will start to have foundation issues and leak. A damp basement will often appear during the wetter weather, but it is a important issue all year. A lot of family homes in Fairlawn, Ohio should have their basement and foundation carefully looked at and waterproofed because they are over fifteen years since last done. Also less old family homes unfortunately sometimes have foundation problems if the foundation was not done well or the house has shifted.

If you own a home in Fairlawn with basement problems, call Pioneer Basement Solutions by calling (888) 420-9900 while you are thinking about it and talk to an expert. Frequently, you can have your waterproofing completed or have the house foundation repaired quickly and your house will have more dry and usable storage.


You can have increased mildew and mold that might degrade the health of your family. This will often make allergies more severe. The danger is sometimes as serious as black mold, or as simple as everyday mildew or mold, which is not good to breath and can damage things you keep in your basement storage area.

If you do not fix your leak, small basement leaks can turn into bigger leaks or even cause a bigger issue concerning the foundation of the home bowing or becoming a serious issue.

Surprise significant water in basement after there is a lof of rain could cause water damage to stored in your basement. Often it’s important things such as antiques, older pictures, kids projects or expensive furniture which are stored in your basement as you assumed the house didn’t have a any basement issues and you assumed the basement was the best place to put things out of the way. A small leak can become worse and you might not realize it until damage is done.


Fairlawn basement waterproofing is an important thing to consider as Ohio residential homes throughout the state are frequently older and should request skilled basement waterproofing pros inspect your basement to verify there are no problems that will need to be repaired, and to tell you what can be done to repair any water problems or dampness.

Fairlawn, Ohio is in Summit County, Ohio and part of 4 zipcodes ( 44313, 44333, 44334, 44398.) It was founded in 1891, and there are many older houses in the area and there are certainly there are a number of basements that are wet. The city is around Medina and Akron and Pioneer provides Medina and Akron waterproofing repairs also. If you have a home with basement waterproofing issues in Fairlawn Ohio, contact us (888) 420-9900 and arrange an appointment for Pioneer Basement Solutions to come out and inspect your basement. Pioneer has over 40 years waterproofing experience in Ohio.

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