New Year, New Basement

Now that the holidays are past and you have more free time in your hands, it is time to do some basement cleaning and start small-home projects before the warm weather comes.

If you are thinking about refinishing the basement of your home this year, the first step to take is to clear and clean the basement of your home.  Cleaning the basement of the home cannot be an easy task, but it is one you will be happy to accomplish when it is done. Get rid of all those old Christmas decorations, old furniture, damp clothing, and books, and you will realize the potential your basement has.

Secondly, inspect the basement for obvious signs of water damage.  If your basement has obvious signs of wet walls or even foundation problems, you need to call an expert to diagnose those problems and offer you a solution to fix them.

Pioneer Basement Solutions is a basement waterproofing and foundation repair company with over 40 years of experience in the Northeast Ohio area.  They have been delivering waterproofed basement for many years with excellent results.  If your basement has water damage, you need to call Pioneer to fix those problems with the assurance they will not overcharge you for the work they do.  They have an excellent reputation in the Northeast Ohio area delivering excellent craftsmanship with excellent customer service at the right price. The hardest part of doing any home project is hiring the right people to do the job.  By calling Pioneer Basement Solutions, you can rest assured your hardest part is almost done.

Can You Tell If You Have Water Damage in the Basement?
These are seven easy-to-spot signs of water damage. 

  1. Water sitting on the basement floor
  2. Cracked or bowed walls
  3. wet basement walls
  4. Paint peeling off the walls
  5. Mold/mildew
  6. Heavy musty odors
  7. Water sediment on the walls, or corners where the walls meet

These signs are clear indicators you have water getting into the basement.  You can find them easily with a flashlight or the ceiling lights. The damage to the basement or the foundation might not be as obvious and that’s why you need to call a basement waterproofing expert to diagnose the problem.

Now that your basement is clear of junk, and it’s waterproofed, you need to talk to the people at Pioneer Basement Solutions to talk about refinishing the basement of your home.  Their basement refinishing team is a professional, talented team doing excellent work every time. 

They use the latest technologies and the best materials which allows them to deliver finished basements that blend seamlessly to the rest of the home.  They do not sell you bogus patented methods to refinish your basement and charge you more.  They are honest with the problems they encounter in the basement, offer you a free, no-obligation quote, and let you make the best decision.  They live and work in the community and their reputation has been built in the belief that they want to treat people as they would like to be treated.  It is not cliché if their 40 years of working in the Northeast Ohio area has given them the best reputation in the industry for delivering excellent work every time.
Yes, But What About Financing The Project?

You need to call Pioneer Basement Solutions and Finishing if you are serious about refinishing the basement of your home.  They will offer you a free no-obligation quote, and talk to you about financing the project.  They work with a financial lender and they can advise you about financing and getting more for your money. Contact them today

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