Protect Your Basement From Water Damage

If you haven’t started cleaning the yard for the new year, you might be falling a bit behind.  You can feel the nice weather has arrived, and if you look outside, you can see whether you did a good job last fall preparing your yard for the new year, or whether you still have work to do.

These are some of the basic chores you must do this April to prepare your lawn for the summer and fall ahead.

  1. Cut and trim any branches that died or splintered during the winter.  This will allow your trees to start new growth, and your yard will look cleaner and greener without dead branches or shrubs around the yard.
  2. Level the flower beds if mulch or other types of debris accumulated around the foundation of the home. This is a very common problem with water in the basement. Leveling the flower beds will save you a lot of headaches in the future.
  3. Trim the perennials and get rid of the annuals to keep a flower bed free of dead foliage and leaves.
  4. Prepare your lawn for the grass seedling you might need.  Remove dead grass or lawn moss to get ready to plant grass seeds.

Doing those chores might not seem like you are doing anything for the protection of the basement. But, even leveling the flower beds will help you with the water run-off that gets to the basement of the home. Now, the following tips will help you protect and maintain the basement of your home dry and healthy for your family.

5 Tips to Protect The Basement of Your Home

  1. One of the most important chores to protect your basement this year is leveling the flower beds to prevent water from seeping into it. Spring showers can be a blessing or a curse.  If water accumulation around the foundation of the home is finding a way to the basement, your problems with a wet basement can be many and expensive as well.
  2. Did you remember to clean the gutters last fall?  It is always preferable to clean the gutters after the fall to get rid of all the dead leaves or other debris accumulation.  If you forgot to clean them or didn’t have the time, the springtime is still a good time to clean them to get them ready for the spring showers ahead.
  3. Drainage-  If your home doesn’t have a great drainage system, you should consider installing one.  Even installing a simple one can get water pooling around the foundation away from it and leave your basement dry for you.
  4. Basement Waterproofing-If your home has already water sitting on the basement floor, you have basement waterproofing problems you need to take care of right away.  Calling a professional basement waterproofing company to come and diagnose the problem should be easy enough, and many basement waterproofing companies offer a free estimate for homeowners.
  5. Leveling driveways and pathways around the home can help you keep the basement of the home dry.  Water run-offs into the foundation are 100% certain to take water into the basement of the home.  It might not happen in one year or two, but pooling water around the foundation is not something you should have.

If your basement has water issues already, do not wait any longer. By ignoring those water issues they can become bigger, more expensive problems you do not want to have. Here are 5 tips for you to consider if you have a basement waterproofing issue with your home.

  1. Call a basement waterproofing company with many years of experience and a great reputation to back them up.
  2. To protect yourself, you need to call at least three different companies and obtain three different quotes to be able to compare their services and prices.
  3. Check their Better Business Bureau rating, their customers’ testimonials, and their reputation around the area.  Ask friends and family for a basement waterproofing company recommendation if you do not trust online reviews.
  4. Make sure you do your homework before hiring any company or before signing any contract.  Money or signatures should not be the first thing they ask from you.  Ask questions and for references when you talk to anyone about fixing your home.
  5. Do they offer a guarantee of their work?  Pioneer Basement Solutions is a basement waterproofing company that checks all the boxes.  They have been in business in the Northeast Ohio area since 1979.  They have an A+ rating at the BBB with zero complaints. They have won numerous service awards in Ohio for their outstanding customer service. They offer a lifetime homeowner guaranteed. And most importantly, they come to your home to diagnose the problem and offer you a solution without offering bogus patented systems that do not exist.

The home is for many people one of the biggest assets they own.  And as such, they need to protect it from the inclement weather conditions of the region, from the wear and tear of the home, and from bad companies doing shoddy work on their property.  Doing your homework before hiring any company to do work on your property will save you money, time, and headaches in the long run.

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